History of our farm

In 1908 my great-grandparents Genovefa and Roman Pichler bought the property ‘vulgo Ragelle’, which is set in about 9 hectares of land.


In 1941 the first tractor, a Lanz Bulldog, was purchased for the farmyard by my grandfather, Pius Pichler . Amongst other things, the tractor was used to power a stone crusher. The gravel which was produced was used as aggregate to build the local main road “Zeltschacherstraße“. After the Second World War extensions were added to the farm and house. Furthermore, 13 hectares of forest were bought. 


In 1950, my grandmother Geneovefa Pichler inherited the farm ‘vulgo Gruber’, which is situated at an altitude of 1100 metres, from her parents. This significantly increased the amount of work, as they now had two farms to manage. The agribusiness was run as a mixed operation. Two side businesses were created; one, a plough rental service, the other, milling flour. In the 60s, due to increased mechanisation, the two side businesses were dropped.


Potato cultivation has had a long tradition at our farm. As early as the beginning of the 50s, seed reproduction was started, which led to the planting of eating potatoes, which became the main focus of the farm’s expansion.


In 1977 the farm ‘vulgo Ragelle’ was taken over by my parents Edeltrud and Berthold Pichler. They continued to modernise it and managed it full-time with dairy cows, livestock and pig breeding being the main sectors. In addition to the main sectors, they pursued forestry and potato cultivation.


When I took over the business from my parents in 2008, the barn was converted from battery to loose housing, to make it operatively easier and to continue cow husbandry at the farm.   Furthermore, areas near Hirt and Moritzen were purchased.


In the following years potato farming was significantly expanded and the farm was modernized with the purchase of new machinery.


Another milestone was the conversion to organic farming in 2015.



~ Berthold Pichler




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