Berthold Pichler



Farmer, 53 years young and has taken over the family farm vlg. Ragelle. Every challenge that arises in managing the farm in the cropland sector, forestry or animal husbandry is handled with innovative, positive thoughts, untiring creative power and determination. The potato cultivation has a long tradition on the farmyard and was extended in the last few years. Despite all the duties, starting with the planting, maintenance measures, harvesting, packaging, delivery, customer service and customer acquisition, he finds time for his hobby, the singing as a bass-singer in a local mixed choir. Family has a high significance for him and many activities like singing, making music, skiing and trips are done together with the family.


Beside his occupation as passionate farmer and master locksmith he is the production manager of a facade engineering company in Friesach.


Silvia Pichler








Wife, 45 years young, since 1996 farmer on the farmyard vlg. Hiesl and her main occupation is being a primary school teacher. Family and the development of the farm, which is located in the heart of the Krappfeld, are handled with commitment and diligence and have a big significance for her. During the potato harvesting it is important for every family member to help, so does she, spending her holidays on the field or in the house garden. The singing and making of music together is her balance to daily-life.







Ulrich Pichler






Son, 19 years young is currently in his senior year of the business school with a special focus on agriculture in Althofen. He is an enthusiastic farmer and is acquainted with every section of the farm. Ulrich convinces with interest, knowledge, precision, preseverance, reliability and happiness in the agriculture. Besides school and agriculture, he is an active member of the local rural youth group. His hobbyhorse in the rural youth group is folk dance and performance ploughing. He has singing in his blood and to make his parents happy, he sings with them in a choir.







Valentina Pichler








Daughter, 22 years young is studying business studies at the University of Klagenfurt, currently she is completing a hunting course, she is working part-time in the accounting department of a trading company and is completely engaged in the local rural youth group as well as for the district St. Veit rural youth group Carinthia. Music is a big part of her life, also playing the harp and the Styrian harmonica. She is showing big interest in the farmyard and agriculture and she works in any section of the farm.

Berthold Pichler Senior






Has worked on the Ragelle Farm in Zeltschach since his childhood and has led it successfully for many years. Despite his advanced age he is giving his best every day. He runs the direct marketing of the potatoes, helps with the hay- and potato harvesting and is still an enthusiastic cattle farmer. House, farmyard and garden are taken care of by him.


His motto: “As long as I am able to, I will help”.


The farm is operated by three generations and their success is the reward for diligence, performance and persistence.





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